'We aim to inspire today's children to embrace tomorrow's challenges.'

Gilthill Primary School

Pupil Premium 2019-20

For the academic year of 2019 - 2020 the school received £37,884 in Pupil Premium or Pupil Premium Plus funding


The senior leadership team have discussed with staff various strategies for the best use of this funding. We continue to support children with extra curricular activities and the availability to learn to play a musical instrument. We positively encourage these children to join extra curricular clubs and have provided some extra curricular activities to encourage the children to maintain good self esteem and to widen their life experiences, for example a visit by a theatre company.

Specific pre-learning of key concepts of literacy and numeracy have been identified as a method of supporting children with their learning. Small group work supported by a teacher or a teaching assistant addresses concepts the children will face in the next class lesson giving them the confidence to take part in the main lesson more confidently. Plus recapping concepts they have just covered within a lesson.  Small group work enables children to explore their misconceptions in a safe supportive environment. 


67% of the pupil premium children in the 2019-20  Y6 cohort reached the expected level in reading, writing and maths in the 2020 teacher assessments.




Teaching assistants supporting academic and emotional well being across all classes.


Teaching Assistant support in Year 5 and 6


Provision of outdoor team building activities to develop core life skills.


Training programmes for staff to support emotional well being for all children including resources needed to deliver programmes.

Extra curricular activities for children including music lessons


Additional teacher to work with smaller groups and provide pre-teaching activities in Key stage two and Year 1.


Funding £37,884 

School additional allocation £7034



Measuring the impact of the Pupil Premium funding 2019/2020


Year group              Y3                 Y4            Y5         Y6          
Reading33%      100%40%83%
Writing0%      100%40%67%
Maths33%      100%40%67%
Combined*0%      100%40%67%


Pupil Premium Children achieving age related expectations by the end of the academic year. Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic all assessments in the 2019 2020 year are based on teacher assessments of where the children were on returning to school in June/July 2020. Having missed 2/3months of School. 


Summary of the main barriers to educational achievement


  • Language and Communication
  • Low self esteem and knowledge of the world
  • Negative mindset
  • Complex family situations
  • Personal issues