'We aim to inspire today's children to embrace tomorrow's challenges.'

Gilthill Primary School




At Gilthill we follow a mastery approach to teaching maths. We use a variety of teaching and learning styles to provide strong foundations, conceptual understanding and the ability to apply these skills to a variety of problem solving and real-life situations. We aim to foster a culture of independence and resilience where children learn from their mistakes and think systematically about the mathematic tasks they face. Practical learning, using concrete resources is essential to building fluency and understanding in early maths. We use the White Rose maths resources to structure our curriculum in maths and ensure all children develop at their pace. We assess the children regularly and adapt our teaching to suit the needs of the children.


Mathematics is a core area of the National Curriculum.  It is concerned with understanding the patterns and processes of mathematics and it can be used as a cross-curricular tool to enhance other areas of the curriculum. It is used to enhance our curriculum driver of communication. Ready, respectful and safe runs through our curriculum preparing the children for challenges they will meet in adult life.


The importance of maths can be demonstrated in a wide variety of every day situations, from telling the time, or paying for shopping to re-arranging the bedroom.  This being so, it is important that children perceive mathematics as a useful tool which is part of their everyday lives now and in the future.  It is our aim to fulfil all the National Curriculum requirements in relation to maths and thus prepare children for adult life by giving them skills to tackle situations and solve problems.

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