Gilthill Primary School, Gilt Hill, Kimberley, Nottinghamshire, NG16 2GZ. 0115 9190611. 'We aim to inspire today's children to embrace tomorrow's challenges.'

Gilthill Primary School

School Uniform

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Gilthill Primary School colours are emerald green and yellow.


We have a school uniform which consists of;

  • Emerald green sweatshirt or cardigan with a school badge 
  •  Grey/black trousers (boys and girls)
  •  Grey/black skirt or pinafore dress
  •  Yellow polo shirt – preferably with a school badge
  •  Black Shoes/Sandals (not trainers)

And for the summer, as well as the above;

  •  Grey/black/ shorts (boys and girls)
  •  Green and white checked or striped dresses

We also offer a green fleece with an official school logo.


We expect all our children to wear suitable clothing for PE and outdoor activities.

PE Kit for boys and girls consists of; 

  • black shorts
  • plain white T shirts
  • plimsolls or trainers
  • for outdoor PE during the winter we like the children to have a track suit bottom and spare sweat shirt