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Gilthill Primary School

Meet the Governors

Meet the Governors


Our Gilthill school council interviewed our governing body to find out more about them and the role they play in supporting school. They asked them about their interests, their reasons for wanting to be a school governor and their aspirations for the role. They concluded the interview by drawing each governors portrait. We hope you enjoy meeting our Governing Body! 

Governor: Cath Barker (Chair of Governors)

Interviewed by: Max (Y4), Jasmine (Y4), Zack (Y1)


I have been a school governor at Gilthill for fifteen years and I wanted to become one to help the school be the best it can be. I am the chair of governors and my favourite thing about it is that I get to come into school to meet the children. I have two sons (21 and 24) that used to come to Gilthill.

Outside of school, I am a college teacher and my interests are watching my son play rugby, going on walks and spending time with my family.

Portrait of Cath Barker


Governor: Susan Oliver (Vice Chair of Governors)

Interviewed by: Ava (Y5), Ines (Y2), Isabelle (Y1)


I have been a school governor at Gilthill for 27 years (the current school was built 16 years ago) and I wanted to take on the role to help make a difference. I deal with safeguarding, meaning that I ensure all the children are safe. My favourite part of being a governor is coming into school, as I like seeing the children, which as you can imagine was rather hard during lockdown. I know the teachers and Miss Cook is my niece.

Outside of school, I work in a hospital in Nottingham and I enjoy cooking, gardening, reading crime books and going on walks. I have a cat called TJ who is 9 years old and I am interested in my family history.

Portrait of Susan Oliver


Governor: Amelia Jordan (Staff Governor)

Interviewed by: Georgia (Y6), Evie (Y3) and Henry (YR)


I have been a school governor since September 2021. I became a governor because I am a teacher here at Gilthill and I thought it would be interesting to help the school in another way. My governor role is to represent the school staff. My favourite part of being a governor was getting the school council team to interview the other governors.

My job is the Year 1 teacher here at this school and my outside hobbie is running. I don’t have a pet but I enjoy looking after my mum’s dog. I know nearly all of the children in school but am still getting to know Year R.

Portrait of Amelia Jordan


Governor: Andrew Green (Parent Governor)

Interviewed by: Georgia (Y6), Evie (Y3) and Henry (YR) 


I have been working as a governor for around 6 years. I became one because I wanted to know a bit about how school works. My role is a curriculum link governor, meaning that I provide the correct resources needed to drive Gilthill’s curriculum and maintain and raise the standards of the children’s education. My favourite part of working as a governor is coming to Gilthill and seeing the children’s work and how they may do it.

Outside of governing I work as an editor for a human rights company. My hobbies are tennis and football and I also support Nottingham Forest. I have one pet, which is a goldfish. My son Jack used to attend Gilthill and my daughter comes to the school now.

Portrait of Andrew Green


Governor: Simon Barnes (Co-opted Governor) 


I have been a governor at Gilthill since November 2020. I wanted to become a governor because my daughter was a pupil at Gilthill and my wife is Madame Barnes, Gilthill’s French teacher! So, I have always had an interest in the school and wanted to do something to help. The role of a Governor is to ask questions of the Head and staff members, to hopefully ensure that the school is heading in the right direction and to provide the best possible education experience for our pupils.  Sometimes in work someone can be so involved in a job that they cannot see any possible problems. Our job is to be “another pair of eyes” for them. My favourite part of being a governor is being in school and spending time with staff and pupils. I deal with safeguarding, meaning that I ensure all the children in school are safe.

Outside of being a governor I work for a company that supplies uniforms for supermarket workers and the Royal Mail. I also referee junior football and have refereed two games for Gilthill this season. Hopefully I will do more next season. I really like mountain walking and will be going to France in the summer to walk in the Alps. I also like football and have been a Chelsea supporter for 50 years. I don’t know any children that come to Gilthill now as my daughter is 22, but some of her old school friends now have children who are pupils at the school.  

Portrait of Simon Barnes


Governor: Natalie Tobin (Parent Governor)

Interviewed by: Sophie (Y5) and Darcy (Y2)


I started being a school governor around 2 months ago because I wanted to help Gilthill and I also have an interest in education. My role as governor is to oversee the curriculum (what the children are learning about and how). My favourite part about being a governor is working with all the children at Gilthill.


My hobbies outside of school are baking, sewing and ballet. I have 3 pets, a cat called Douggie and two gerbils, one called Coco and the other Isabella. I have three children that come to Gilthill: Wyatt, Coen and Arlo.  

Portrait of Natalie Tobin


Governor: Sarah Unwin (Co-opted Governor) 

Interviewed by: Rebecca (Y6), Jackson (Y3), Olivia (YR)


I became a school governor at Gilthill around two months ago and my role is to ensure the school is run in a fair way. I wanted to become a school governor because I had recently moved into the area and I wanted to get involved to find out more about the school. My favourite thing about it is that I get to know what’s happening at school, as I have a daughter in reception called Niamh.

Outside of school, I work for the government and I take my daughter to her dance classes and on days out. I don’t have any pets and I am interested in art and watching motorbike racing. I have a wide preference in music as I like old school music, R and B, dance music and classical. My favourite foods would probably be sausage and mash or barbeque food and my favourite film is Dirty Dancing.

Portrait of Sarah Unwin


Governor: Steve Tilley (Parent Governor)

I started as a Gilthill school governor in Dec 2019, so have been a parent governor for 2 ½ Years. I wanted to support Gilthill as I am a local resident and have 2 children who are at the school. Gilthill has an excellent reputation and I wanted to be part of that legacy and be able to help their pupils and teaching staff. My role is to be responsible for the training of the governors and finance, which includes the school budget and how it is spent. My work gives me a different perspective which can add value to the Board of Governors, so I enjoy us getting together for Governor’s meetings.


I work for Mars, selling brands you will recognise as Dolmio and Ben’s Original. I look after the relationship Mars have with B&M Bargains and Heron Foods. In my spare time I enjoy playing Golf. I am helping at Kimberley Cricket Club running their ‘All Stars’ children’s cricket coaching on Friday evenings for 6–8-year-olds. I have a son Isaac, who is in Yr2 and a daughter, Harper who is in Reception. I know lots of the parents whose children come to Gilthill.

Portrait of Steve Tilley


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