'We aim to inspire today's children to embrace tomorrow's challenges.'

Gilthill Primary School

Partnerships with Parents

Reading Workshops

Reading Workshops

It was lovely to see so many parents attend these workshops across school. We hope you found them useful! If you missed the event or just want to watch the powerpoint again here they are. 

Reading workshop powerpoint Year R, 1, 2

Year 3 and 4 parent workshop PowerPoint

The care of pupils


We believe encouraging children to become well adjusted and caring people is of prime importance. They will be given a clear idea of the difference between right and wrong. They will be encouraged to value and respect the beliefs of the many different cultures represented in the United Kingdom. They will be encouraged to celebrate their own and others’ successes in all areas of school life. They will be shown the benefits of caring for each other, the school environment and the wider community.


We expect every child to be polite and to act as responsible members of the school community. Our behaviour policy describes the ways in which we encourage good behaviour. Parents/carers receive a copy when their child is admitted. We rely on parental support to help us maintain good standards of behaviour. We believe that parents/carers and school staff should work in partnership to ensure the children are happy at school. Class teachers and the Headteacher are very willing to meet parents/carers to discuss concerns and will do all they can to help.


Working with parents


All parents are most welcome to visit school to see children at work or to speak to the Headteacher and teachers, although it would help if you could telephone or call in first to arrange a mutually convenient time. You will be invited to school at various times during the year for meetings or special events.  These events will include class assemblies and open mornings or afternoons.  We offer three opportunities, one per term, for you to come and discuss your child’s progress with her/his teacher.  In addition detailed written reports in line with the National Curriculum are issued annually.


Before your child starts school s/he will be invited to make a number of half day visits to introduce him/her to the school.  You will also be invited to meet the Headteacher and class teacher in the term before admission.



One of the ways you can help is by supporting your child in learning to read.  Teaching children to read is one of the most important things we do at Gilthill.  This is reflected in the time and funding we have allocated to it.  Every class starts each day with a reading session – this gives teachers the opportunity to teach the skills necessary to enable children to become readers and provides a quiet atmosphere for them to practise their reading skills. It also gives parents and other helpers the opportunity to share books with individual children on a daily basis.  You would be very welcome to be part of this reading session.  Children will bring books home from school to share with you from the very beginning.  Some of these will be ‘reading scheme’ books and others will come from the huge selection of beautiful fiction and non-fiction books now available to children.


We enjoy seeing parents in school working alongside children and teachers so if you have any time to spare we would be delighted to see you. 






We believe that homework is any school-related activity which children are asked to do outside lesson time either on their own or with their parents/carers. Homework tasks will be given regularly and will involve reading, number work, writing and other activities.  Details of the organisation of homework can be found in our homework policy which you will be given when your child starts school.