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Gilthill Primary School

International Day of Dance

International Day of Dance Celebration

This week has been very exciting at Gilthill as we've been gearing up for our International Day of Dance celebration. Our amazing little dancers have been practicing their moves and really embracing the 70’s disco vibes for the occasion. We even got a shout out on a National radio station this morning to cheer us on.

Here at Gilthill, we truly value the joy and benefits of dance and movement for our children's overall wellbeing, fitness, and motor skills development. It's all about enriching their learning experience with fun activities like this to foster a love for music.
A huge thank you to Miss Withe, who's been an absolute star in coordinating the event. She's been working tirelessly to select songs, create dance videos for each class, and bring everyone together for a fantastic flashmob in the playground.

The children and staff were fantastic, giving it their all with big smiles on their faces. Today was about creating lasting memories and celebrating as a school community. I couldn't be prouder of everyone at Gilthill.

Keep dancing Gilthill! 🌟