For Parents – Policies, newsletters etc

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clipboardThis page is especially for Parents/Carers and is full of useful links to documents and information for you to print and websites for you to visit

Newsletter Autumn 2 2017

Newsletter Autumn 1 2017

Newsletter Summer 3 2017

Newsletter Summer 1 2017

Newsletter Spring 2017


Uniform Order Form July 2016



If you think you may be entitled to free school meals, the school office can help you make your application by phone – it only takes a few minutes! Please click on the link here for further information on who qualifies.



E-safety Policy Gilthill 2016

Attendance Policy March 2016

Medical Policy October 2015

Homework 2014

Behaviour Policy 2017

Physical Intervention Policy 2014

Sex and relationships education policy 2015

Equality Policy. Oct 2014

Data Protection Act

School Complaints Policy 2016

Whole School Child Protection Policy 2016

2016 SEN Policy

Charging and Remissions Policy 2013

Gilthill Parent Code of Conduct May 2017