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School Council

Gilthill Primary has a school council which openly seeks views of our pupils in the running of our school. This helps to ensure pupils become partners in their own education making a positive contribution to the school ethos.

Mrs. Ellis runs the school council meetings and they meet regularly on a Thursday afternoon.

Each year group has two representatives (four from Year 6) on the school council who are democratically elected by their peers. These children can easily be identified by their school council badge

2016-17 School Council

Year 6: Holly Appleby, Lola Whitaker, Drew Vickerstaff & Joseph Giddings

Year 5: Shae Stewart & Lucas Ellis

Year 4: Connie Tatum, Reece Beasley

Year 3: Anastastia Smith, Sam Rockley

Year 2: Archie Moss, Chloe Clifford

Year 1: Owen Newbold, Ava Betts

Year R: Alexia Versteeg, Dante Curtis


Children learn to listen to others and to recognise themselves as worthwhile individuals with a right to be heard. School councils enhance the influence of positive peer leadership. The pupils take suggestions from their class peers and bring their own agenda items to the meeting.  The school seeks views from the pupils as to how they think the school is being run.

School Improvement Ideas

Pupils can suggest improvements and have done so in areas such as play times and lunchtimes.  Visiting organisations often meet with the school council to discuss important community projects e.g. redesigning of a local park. The School Council help to ensure the school is a well-run and happy environment.

Supporting charities

Each year the school council choose a charity to raise money for. In 2015 the school council organised and ran a teddy bring and buy sale to raise money for ‘Save the Children’. In 2016 the children organised a Christmas food collection for the Nottingham Homeless Health Team. If you have a charity you would like them to consider raising money for please let one of the representatives know.

In the past, the School Council has:

  • Raised money for charities,
  • Designed playground markings,
  • Run a healthy fruity tuck shop,
  • Consulted with the local council about the new Stag Park,
  • Met with the Headteacher to discuss lunchtimes and other school arrangements,
  • Met with the school council from Bagthorpe school to share ideas,
  • And lots more!