Pupil Premium & Sports Funding

Pupil Premium Funding

Pupil Premium funding is given to each school to support the needs of pupils who are eligible or have been eligible to receive free school meals.

For the financial year 2016/2017 the school received £33,000. We expect to receive £29,620 in the 2017/2018 budget.

The senior leadership team have discussed with staff various strategies for the best use of this funding. We continue to support children with extra curricular activities and the availability to learn to play a musical instrument. We positively encourage these children to join extra curricular clubs and have provided some extra curricular activities to encourage the children to maintain good self esteem.
Homework clubs have been provided to encourage any child to take responsibility for their learning and pupil premium children have been encouraged to take these opportunities to complete homework.

Specific pre-learning of key concepts of literacy and numeracy have been identified as a method of supporting children with their learning. Small group work supported by a teacher addresses concepts the children will face in the next class lesson giving them the confidence to take part in the main lesson more confidently. The children who take part in these pre teaching activities have been more engaged in the main activities during class lessons. The small group work enables children to explore their misconceptions in a safe supportive environment. Targets are set for all children and progress is tracked throughout the term with half termly check points and termly pupil progress meetings.

Measuring the impact of the Pupil Premium funding


In June 2016 across the school:-

21% of Pupil Premium children were working at the expected for maths with 3.32 point progress.
33% of Pupil Premium children were working at the expected for reading with 3.39 points progress
21% of Pupil Premium children were working at the expected for writing with 3.03 point progress

Expected points progress is 3 nationally. This group of children made good progress and were supported by small group work with an extra teacher and teaching assistants in classes. The school has moderated the levels achieved with other schools locally and seen that our expectations for expected were higher than others, especially in writing and adjustments have been made for 2016/2017. We have moved to pre teaching as a strategy to help these children during whole class lessons during the academic year 2016/2017.

In  2015 of pupil premium funding:-

£ 13,886  was spent on an  extra teacher to work 1 to 1 with KS2 children to plug gaps in SPAG and writing.

£14,586 was spent on an extra teacher to work with KS1 children.

£2928 was spent contributing to teaching assistant intervention groups across the school.

£700 was spent on samba drumming to enhance children’s  musical experiences.

£900 was spent on supporting children with residential trips and visits throughout the year


In 2015, by the end of Key Stage 2 of the pupils receiving pupil premium funding;

80% made expected progress in English

100% made expected progress in Maths

75% achieved National Curriculum level 4 in both English and Maths combined

80% of the pupils receiving pupil premium funding across the whole school have benefitted from sports, music and after school clubs.


Sports Funding 2016/2017

Physical activity at Gilthill School.

We aim to give our children the skills and motivation necessary to equip them for a healthy lifestyle and  life long participation in physical activity.

We will:-

  • develop physical confidence and enable pupils to engage in worthwhile physical activities.
  • promotes physical development and teach pupils to value the benefits of participation in physical activity while at school and throughout life.
  • develops artistic and aesthetic understanding within and through movement.
  • help to establish self esteem through the development of physical confidence and help pupils to cope with both success and failure in competitive and cooperative physical activities.
  •  help children to see the enjoyment they can gain from participation in sport and physical activity.


To help us achieve some of these aims we receive £8,881 sports funding during the year to enable all children to access sport, PE and outdoor activities.

Sports coach – £6120

We use a talented sports coach from First Grade Sports to help us deliver high quality sports lessons in a variety of classes during the school year. For the academic year 2016/17 the coach will be mainly based in KS1, Y4 and Y6. The coach runs two extra curricular clubs one breakfast club and one after school club. These clubs offer a variety of sporting activities throughout the year for various year groups. The activities range from multi-skills for Reception and KS1 to basketball and tennis for KS2. This coach supports CPD for class teachers when required. Through the use of the coach more children have had access to different sporting activities. Tennis, Basketball, Badminton, Hockey and various athletic events.

Our aim this year is to target the children that do not regularly participate in an after school physical activity.

Year 2 swimming -£1700

To increase the confidence of Year 2 children we give them the opportunity  to take part in swimming lessons in the summer term. This builds confidence and skills to enable the children  to enter swimming competitions in KS2. This year we were successful in the Swimming Gala, winning the Small Schools Trophy for 2016 and then becoming the Small School County Champions 2016.

Sports events- £851 ( contribution to cover participation in events)

KS2 children take part in cross country exercise every week. Twice a week they run or walk a mile. The impact of this has been that the children are more alert in lessons and it has encouraged some children to have a more positive attitude towards school. Some children following this activity have gone on to join local running and athletics clubs. The sports funding enables us to enter children into a variety of competitions including several cross country events where more children have had access to compete against other local schools. The competitive side of sport is celebrated across the school and more children aspire to represent the school in different events.

Sports membership -£50

Football coach -£160 (subsidised)

This year we targeted participation of mixed sport for girls and boys in Year2, 3 and 4. The sports coach used football and multi skills activities to encourage the children in the middle years of our school to interact together and enjoy sport in an extra curricular activity.

Football, Netball and Rounders Clubs are run throughout the year for both boys and girls in other year groups.

During the academic year of 2016/2017 we are looking to target sporting and physical activities for our younger children.

During 2015/2016 we took part in the:-

District Small School Swimming Gala
Football games v local schools
Indoor Athletics- Y5/6
Cross County – Winners of the Boys and Girls District Team event 2016. Took part in the Open Cross Country Event.
Rugby Festival – Y5/6
District Sports – Winners 2016.
Rounders Competition – Finalists
Netball Competition – Champions 2016

School Games

logo school games gold 2015 16

Gilthill has been awarded the School Games Gold Mark to recognise our commitment to the development of competition across our school and into our community.